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Press Release

Flamanville EPR : costs revised, still on schedule

The experience gained since the launch of the EPR site at Flamanville, along with everything that has been achieved so far and the organisation put in place, all ensure an optimum overview of all of the industrial and financial parameters, especially as regards civil engineering. EDF is in a position to calculate the full cost for the construction of the EPR, which has increased by 2 billion euros*, with production of the first kWhs still scheduled for 2016.

Since the estimated cost was revised in July 2011 to 6 billion euros, significant milestones have been reached at the Flamanville EPR with the completion of 93% of the civil engineering and 36% of the electro-mechanical equipment in place, as well as the intake canal of the pumping station coming on stream at the start of November 2012.

The EPR is the first nuclear power station to be built in France for 15 years as well as being the first 3rd generation type. Over and above this "first of a kind" effect, other factors have also had a bearing on the total cost of construction for the Flamanville EPR. The development of the boiler design, additional engineering studies, the integration of new regulatory requirements and everything learned in the wake of Fukushima have also been taken into account. The cost update also relates to the additional costs as well as technical contingencies, such as the replacement of 45 consoles and the knock-on effects of this in terms of work scheduling and the financial impact of extending the construction deadlines.

In the words of Hervé Machenaud, Group Executive Director in charge of EDF Production and Engineering: "The EPR will contribute to the country’s energy supply and also represents one of the essential links which will ensure the continuity of our nuclear know-how, both in France and internationally. This major site is also a feat of significant industrial achievement, in terms of the technological challenges that have been overcome throughout the sector ".

The Flamanville EPR was launched in December 2007 as a large-scale industrial site drawing together all of the parties involved in the nuclear sector in France, with a workforce in the region of 3200 in place in 2012 (60% regional workers, 2600 employed by external companies and 600 EDF staff), accounting for the 5 million hours of work delivered in 2012. The site is subject to regular inspections by ASN, the French Nuclear Safety Authority, who validates the progress of the project.

*on a constant currency basis
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